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Gavel Fell 31st July 2021

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

So with Theo's 100th Wainwright in the bag we moved on to Gavel Fell. Again we could see it from the top of Blake Fell and so knew we could easily make it.

From Blake Fell you can just follow the fence on the left of the picture which drops you down into the High Nook valley a little.

Eventually, you get to a corner at which you turn right to follow a slightly boggy path upwards to the next fence turning as below.

Turn left..

and follow this fence line (not as boggy) and just over the crest of the hill........ a summit appears.

Wow. 101 fell tops for Theo.

and I've just kept my nose in front on 105 (phew).

After this we headed down Gavel Fell and just in time really. As we got halfway down Gavel Fell we looked back and saw that the mist was coming in and Blake Fell did not look inviting at all. We made our way back towards the car, had our sandwich and headed back to the Hotel for a well-earned pint (and an orange for Theo...He's not completed the Wainwrights!)

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