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Eagle Crag 19th August, 2022

So after a 3 month absence I was back in the Lakes and hoping to finish the central fells. I had 3 left to do and they could all be combined on a single walk - hooray!

First up, Eagle Crag (below). I was a bit concerned about this as there is some terracing to negotiate near the top but for now that'd have to wait.

The picture below does make you think "how do you get up that?". Well one step after another to begin with!

I parked at Stonethwaite and made my way over the gill to the track, which I think is part of the Cumbria Way.

After three quarters of a mile or so you cross back over the and turn left to go through bracken. When I was there it was head high!

You hug the wall for a while before turning upwards as shown above. This does not do the steepness justice. It is a slog. The path stays with the wall for a bit then swings left and you approach a stile.

crossing the stile you go about 40 metres before heading up a gully. This is definitely 3 points of contact time! The picture below, again, doesn't do it justice. It's not nice in wet conditions.

After this the terracing begins! It was not as bad as I thought and you could easily see the route others had taken so soon enough you are heading up the final slog to the top.

And after an hour and 45 minutes I had completed Eagle Crag - hoorah!

Over my left shoulder is the next fell on the list Sargeant's Crag.

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