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Dale Head 12th April, 2021

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

So after a seven month absence we were back in the Lake District to carry on with the Wainwright 214 challenge I had set myself.

We had done half the Newlands round a while ago so we decided to get the other half done, with Dale Head being the first destination.

We parked at Honister Slate Mine, partly because I wanted a new sign for the house. The walk from here is straightforward, if steep! Straight over the road is a small sign saying Dale Head 1 Mile and so you set off keeping the fence to your left as you climb....

...and climb.

The fence is with you for a good two thirds of the way before it leaves you to aim upwards yourself. This is a short, but hard, climb from Honister, so although you may have missed out some of the climb from, say, Littletown you still get a good workout.

Not long after the above picture, you come across a nice clear path heading upwards and this is pretty much the final bit of work in the ascent.

Soon enough a wonderful cairn comes into view and you get views down the Newlands valley and across to Buttermere, Gable and more.

Both wearing our new boots!

The weather as you can see was glorious if a little cold when the sun went behind a cloud and the wind picked up but we could see snow still clinging to some of the higher peaks from this viewpoint.

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