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Cold Pike 24th August 2019

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

So Pike O'Blisco done and now to nip down a few feet before the gentle climb to Cold Pike top. Except it isn't! Cold Pike is just to the left in the picture below.

The drop from the top of Pike O'Blisco to the gap between it and Cold Pike is around 150m down. It was on a good pitched path but when you look back you realise how far you've dropped from the summit.

Nearing the bottom of Pike O'Blisco you get to see Red Tarn. We didn't visit it on this occasion. The path has a reddish tinge to it from the iron in the ground.

It is a pleasant walk down but I was conscious that there is only a couple of metres difference in height between Pike O'Blisco and Cold Pike and therefore we were going to have that climb back up again.

The path back up is easy and on the picture above you can just see the Crinkle Crags on the horizon. You follow this path for around 20 minutes before turning sharp left to go straight up the fell to the top of Cold Pike.

And soon you can see the top!

This was our lunch stop so suitably filled we went for the summit and made it!

We made our way back down from Cold Pike to the path from earlier. Once we got there I have to say the temperature was getting very hot. We'd sun-creamed and drank plenty but, for me, it was getting too hot to walk. Theo felt the same and so we reluctantly returned to Red Tarn and made our way back down Browney Gill and to the floor of the Langdale valley.

We had followed our rule of stopping if either of us had had enough and when I looked at the gps and saw we'd walked nearly 11 miles I thought, actually that's probably far enough. We could probably have made it to the Crinkles but definitely not Bowfell as well and so they will have to wait for another day.

Theo up to 62 fells and me on 66....Wow.

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