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Brim Fell 1st May, 2021

Having climbed the Old Man of Coniston, bagging Brim Fell as well is simple. As you can see from the image below, the next little lump on the ridge is Brim Fell. There is a drop of no more than 20 metres and then a lovely stroll across a wide ridge before a small rise in height to the summit.

Quite why there are so many cairns is beyond me. Could a few be got rid of without affecting navigation?

The final arduous 4 minutes of climbing (4 and a half minutes if you also have a sip of water).

And then you are there, just 10 minutes from the Old Man summit you bag yourself another top.

Now, we quickly retreated after this picture because it started to snow! Only a little but enough for us to beat a hasty retreat to the Old Man and down the path. To be honest, once we'd gone back down the final steep bit of ascent the path is not too steep and after 10 minutes we were too low for the snow to hit us but we were still glad to be clear! The following morning, the Old Man had a blanket of snow across it. We'd picked the right day.

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