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Bleaberry Fell 25th August 2018

From the top of Walla Crag we had a look round and I could see a dead easy path towards the top of another fell.

After a quick look at the map it was clearly Bleaberry fell (to the left of the picture) and so I asked the team whether anyone fancied knocking two Wainwrights off today!

Five minutes later Theo and I were off across to tackle it. The path across seemed relatively pleasant although I did have in mind it was a couple of hundred metres higher than Wall Crag. But look below - it looks easy!

As we got closer to it we didn't seem to be getting much higher and then we saw the final climb. As with a lot of the fells now some great work has been done in pitching a pathway for walkers to protect the fell and as we stood at the bottom I think we both thought maybe we should have left it!

In such circumstances, I always say, "let's break it down into chunks". And so we made the climb in three bursts. As you can see from the way Theo is leaning into the fell it's a little sting in the tail.

This is another one of those fell tops where you think you've made it to the summit cairn and then you see another a few metres away, oh and then another even further away. Not sure why there are three cairns up here in such a short distance but I wasn't going to shift them!

and Theo made it too!

Again, fabulous views in all directions from here but we couldn't linger as we needed to get back to the rest of the clan and so we returned to Walla Crag and back down to the car park.

An hour later we were checked in the hotel and enjoying a well-earned pint!

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