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Blake Fell 31st July 2021

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

So, if you're reading these in order you will know that I said Blake Fell was going to be important. Why? Well this would take Theo to 100 Wainwright Fell tops. He is not yet 11 and so I am proud, amazed, humbled and more by him hitting that milestone.

From Burnbank Fell you have done the worst of the climbing for the day. Here is the view as we walked off Burnbank Fell, Blake Fell is obvious.

You pretty much follow the fence line from here but the path is quite clear but might be different in mist!

As I say, in mist this walk would not be something I would attempt as there is nothing really for you to get bearings from. I guess you would just hug the fence!

Anyway, for us we could see and follow the track quite easily.

The ground was soft underfoot and I can imagine that after prolonged rain would be a pain but, again, for us it was just pleasant walking. Very soon the windshelter / top is in sight.

Theo can smell the 100th fell top and is off like a whippet! (Well we are northerners!)

And here it is. Number 100 for Theo. We had hoped his 100th would be Blencathra but that will have to wait for better conditions. It doesn't make the achievement any less though. If you want to do all 214, you have to go up them all at least once!

I made it as well, by the way!

So what do you do after reaching number 100? A pint? Recall you derring-do with all and sundry? Never. Go and get number 101! So off we went to Gavel Fell!

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