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Arthurs Pike 8th August, 2020

All in the lakes for a week in a holiday cottage in the centre of Pooley Bridge. I have to say, before I continue with the narrative of our walks that people were social distancing and wearing masks pretty much to a man at all times. Felt like a safe environment no matter where you were.

And so on the Saturday we decided we would walk up the long slope to Arthurs Pike that we could see from the bottom of our garden. This walk could be done from Martindale but we only had to drive a short way out of Pooley Bridge to start the walk up a path towards the Cockpit stone circle.

We followed this path for no more than 10 minutes before seeing a path off to the left pointing pretty much at our target for the day.

There is a bit of useful signage at one point!

However, we were just following the obvious path through the bracken and heather at this point.

As we have become used to now the first summit we saw (with a fine cairn on it)

was not the top and so we had to press on for another couple of hundred yards to the actual top and the lovely cairn there.

From this cairn you can see the top of Bonscale Pike and so Theo and I decided we would visit there rather than waste the height we'd gained.

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