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Arniston Crag 28th December, 2019

An unexpected bonus of (a) a few days in the lakes between Christmas and New Year and (b) decent, dry weather allowing a chance to up the tally of Wainwrights completed in 2019.

Arniston Crag was the fell of choice on our drive to Glenridding. Parking in Patterdale you head up the road next to the pub and then you are soon onto the fell. It's a good path to follow.

After a relatively short distance you come to a gate and wall. Don't go through the gate but turn right and follow the now steep path alongside the wall.

This meanders nicely to the crag you can see at the top of the picture albeit, it is steep in places but you just keep on following the wall.

Soon you go around the corner and you catch a glimpse of the prize! As you can see I was taking pictures so got left behind by the rest of the gang. I wasn't tired or anything just getting the shot right.

After we rounded the top of the photo above we were between two "hills". We weren't too sure which was the top and it was blowing a gale so I went to the furthest and determined that wasn't it so we turned back on ourselves and found the top of Arniston Crag.

Definitely a day to have some sort of headgear on to protect the ears!

On the way down Theo consulted the Wainwright book ready for the next adventure!

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