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Angletarn Pikes 17th April 2022

So on this day I had manged to hit three fell tops but still had one to go, Angletarn Pikes. From Brock Crags I retraced my steps for a short while before cutting the corner on a path back to the Coast to Coast path.

Once you reach the path proper the route to Angletarn is obvious and very well used. I can't believe I'd not been up here before it is a little gem of a place.

Sitting by the tarn was an ideal place for lunch and to watch the geese who were making a real racket. I presume that at this time of year they are looking for a mate but with the noise they were making I can't see any lady geese being that impressed.

Anyway, after a good feed I was back on the path round the other side of the tarn

Just around the corner on the photo above you branch off to the right to make the final climb to the top of Angletarn Pikes.

And soon enough you are at the summit.

Nothing to mark it out as the summit but I'd made it. 4 fells on a glorious day. Angletarn was very busy but it was Easter Sunday, however I had had most of the morning by myself so it was nice to chat to a few people around and about.

After this I dropped back down to the path and headed towards Place Fell before swinging back on myself for the steady path back to Hartsop. A ten mile walk with 3000 foot of ascent and 4 fells. Not a bad way to spend a day!

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