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Skiddaw Little Man 7th April, 2023

After a wait of 7 months I was finally back in the Lake District looking to reach the summit of some more fells. There are many reasons why I hadn't been back for such a while but all that mattered was I was back.

When I woke at 5am I was tempted to just forget about it but I forced myself to get my bag packed and head up there. I was so glad I had.

The plan was to do the Ulloch Pike to Carl Side ridge as the weather looked dry and sunny but as I got to Keswick I though I'll just see if there is parking available at the back of Latrigg. There was, and so I parked up and decided that I would head for Skiddaw - one of the big 4.

The path initially is flat and passes a monument to a couple of farmers

And after 10 minutes the zig zag path you have to climb comes firmly into view

This is by far the worst bit of the walk. It is unrelenting, uphill and quite steep. A real energy sapper but the views open up quickly behind you

The steep bit took well over an hour for me but I was happy plodding along but then you have the joy of it flattening out - Yay!

Just over the brow of this bit you get to see Skiddaw Little Man for the first time - or rather you don't as you branch off to the left from the main Skiddaw path is Skiddaw Lesser Man. The top is nice though with a bit of ironwork.

Then there is a final climb to the top of Skiddaw Lesser Man

And you reward for all that effort is a nice cairn and another Wainwright top conquered!

This journey has never really been about bagging hills but rather forcing me out of my comfort zone but it was a great feeling to know the number of mountains I had been up was beginning to tick upwards again.

And on a glorious day like today, taking your time to get to the top is no problem.

From Little Man it was time to complete the route to Skiddaw itself.

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