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Rossett Pike 22nd April, 2019

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

A very odd set of Easter holiday breaks for the children meant Theo and I were able to set off on Easter Monday for a 2 night stay in the Lakes at one of our favourite hotels, the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. We passed the hotel at around 9am on our way to park at the National Trust car park at the end of the road in Langdale - knocking a couple of miles of any walk - hooray!

Our aim was, Rosset Pike, Allen Crags, Esk Pike and Bowfell - quite a challenge. The first 1.9 miles (ish) is a stroll along a good path along the valley....

before you turn left towards Esk Hause (that's handy)

You then start the ascent proper up a mix of pitched path, the odd scramble and the odd, "by heck missus how do we get up there" but none of it is too difficult really. Just tiring more than anything. You do think that sometimes it's nicest to have a easy gradient but i guess this way you get the height more quickly.

1, Fairly early in the climb - you can just see a wooden bridge behind Theo.

2, The zig-zag path leads forever upwards. Eh up, someone's overtaken us - typical of the youth of today!

3, Rossett Pike is on the right, don't worry you don't have to climb up it despite how it looks from here - you'll see later!

4, The serious work begins on the final bit of the ascent through a gulley.

Once you're through here the path flattens a little and you reach a grassy area. Shortly afterwards there is a faint path across to the base of Rossett Pike and then a short climb to the summit.

A lovely cairn greets you as you reach the top. Theo's stone is currently the highest!

Sadly, a bit of hat hair for Dad!

After this we turned our attention to Allen Crags!

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