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Maiden Moor 31st March, 2019

From Catbells the path to Maiden Moor is nicely defined in the near distance and, whilst you have to drop a bit before ascending again the drop is not too great.

You head downwards then follow the path to the left before it swings up the great hulk you can see in the distance.

One of the things we enjoyed seeing was the views of Derwentwater but also seeing the top of Castle Crag. We might be about 4 years off attempting that (it is to be my 214th fell) but it was gratifying to see how much higher than it we were.

This time I ensured we stopped to look at the map as well. Even though the path was easy it was useful to get us settled on stopping things on a map and getting bearings whilst walking on a perfect day.

As the path swings to the right and upwards you reach the small cairn at Bull Crag. Is this the top of Maiden Moor? Well not according to the GPS but we got a picture of it just in case.

We did move on until we reached what the co-ordinates said was the top but there was naff all there! Still we took pictures anyway. Maybe there's a higher bit? I don't know but we were there anyway.

Two done in the day. Fancy going to High Spy for lunch? Might as well!

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