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Lord's Seat 6th May, 2018

........on the map Lord's Seat doesn't seem too far away. In fact from Whinlatter top you can see the fell in the distance.

I mentioned to the team that we could do Lord's Seat as well and I got a slightly mixed reception. Undeterred we set off around the edge of the forest path - again following a well trodden, if thin, pathway.

You stick close to the fence pretty much all the way but there is a bit of boggy ground along this bit of the walk. Just at the end of the fence you can see there is a small gate that takes you back into Whinlatter forest and you find yourself on the Green trail again. Marvellous! Sadly, just Theo and I decided to continue to Lord's Seat with the ladies beating a retreat to the Whinlatter restaurant!

This really is a lovely walk. Sure it's uphill a bit but walking through a forest is good anyway. The path just winds round. There is a different way to Lord's Seat but that can be a little boggy so we stayed to the simple pathway.

This picture is looking back from the final ascent path. Looking at the ground I don't think we are the first people to walk this way. I might be wrong but there was evidence that early man had walked this fell!

It's true what they say about a camera adding pounds to you!

The final walk to the top rewards you with stunning views in all directions.

Now, we could see Broom Fell but it did seem as though we'd have a drop down before reaching it so we decided that perhaps two fells on one walk was enough. But then Theo and I started looking longingly at Barf. I mean it doesn't look too far away. And as we were so close to it anyway it seemed a shame not to make the effort to knock that off the list as well!

Barf is in them middle of the photo. And, yes, it is a bit lower than Lord's Seat!

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