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Hallin Fell 27th August 2018

As we hit Bank Holiday Monday, we packed up and checked out of our hotel. As we were heading back towards Penrith I said we could do a short diversion to take in Hallin fell which is on the Eastern side of Ullswater. So we did.

The only place I could see to park was up a twisty bit of road near an old church.

I think a better option for the full enjoyment would be to get the launch from Pooley Bridge. Anyway, no matter.

From here it really is simple. It reminded when we went up Dodd. You park the car, turn around and see an obvious path upwards!

The path is pretty much straight ahead up a grass slope which was a little tricky in the rain but it's really not hard work.

The summit is just behind the rocky outcrop on the right. All of us made it and could see the length of Ullswater as a reward for our efforts.

A great few days walking then came to an end. Theo had enjoyed his birthday weekend and we'd got a few more Wainwrights done. What more could you want.

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