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Calf Crag 5th May 2019

Updated: May 17, 2019

So the full team was lined up for a run out to my recent nemesis, Calf Crag. On two previous occasions tiredness and weather had stopped our advance on fell number 154. Today we went up en mass to conquer the cheeky fellow.

We set off early Sunday morning and were parked up in Grasmere by 9:30am. The route towards Helm Crag is now fairly familiar and so we knew we aimed for the foot of that route then bear left to head towards far Easedale. You can go to the top of Helm Crag then go across to Gibson Knott and then Calf Crag but we thought this would be slightly different to the route taken by most walkers.

The path through the valley is around 3 miles long and gentle meanders uphill. Whilst you notice you are climbing slightly there is nothing too difficult through this long walk.

It was nice to walk along the valley looking up at Helm Crag and Gibson Knott and think we'd already been to the top of those fells. There is a sting in the tail of the walk as the gentle wandering down the valley suddenly gives way to a proper bit of climbing.

The walk actually takes you slightly past Calf Crag and so you finish on this little highway

before turning sharp right and following a gentle, if undulating path to the sunmit of Calf Crag.

And another fell is conquered. 55 for me and 51 for Theo!

And the proof I made it too! I look more tired than I actually was!

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