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Broom Fell 22nd October, 2018

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

From the top of Graystones we could just about make out the summit of Broom Fell. This part of the day was great. Sure there's a bit of downhill followed by up hill, followed by down again but it is comforting to know that the worst of the day's climbing is behind you.

The route is pretty much following the wall in the centre of the photo. The brown stuff? Well that is where trees had been felled as you can look down into Whinlatter forest from there.

As you got closer to the felling area it did have the appearance of some sort of alien landscape.

This picture is looking back towards the drop from Graystones.

The route is slightly undulating as I mentioned earlier and one bit is shown on the map as boggy. When we were there the bog was pretty benign but I guess after a very dry summer and still not a huge volume of rain that could change for others following in our footsteps in future years. Perhaps you dear reader and therefore take heed of the warning- you may get soggy feet!

From around half a mile away the top comes into view and it gave us a spurt of energy for the final push to the summit. Once there, there is a wind shelter as well as a cairn and, given the wind whistling past our ears, they are both welcome sights.

Reason for Theo not quite smiling? That humbug he had near Graystones was still going strong. It was definitely still his first one he assured me!

And so we knocked off another Wainwright fell. I am now on 44 done and Theo is on 39! I'm so proud of him for getting that many done and he seems to enjoy it as much as I do.

We returned via the same route and I must say that descending Graystones was difficult. The key is to take your time, stop when the knees need it and take extra care - it really isn't easy. A couple we met on the descent said it had been classed as moderate - in that case I'm not too keen on trying difficult!

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